The French Language Olympiad determined the best among schoolchildren

The Ambassador of Turkmenistan met with the Executive Director of the Central Asia-China Secretariat

The Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan to the UN Office in Geneva met with the Director General of the RCC

Хоккейный турнир в Ашхабаде соберет участников из 10 стран

Туркменистан продвигает миротворческую стратегию

Глава Туркменистана поздравил Олега Кононенко с Днём космонавтики

Глава Халк Маслахаты Туркменистана поздравил космонавта Олега Кононенко

В Ашхабаде состоится возложение цветов к бюсту Гагарина в честь Дня космонавтики

On June 5, Hero of Turkmenistan Oleg Kononeko will become the first to stay in space for 1000 days

Морской торговый флот Туркменистана существенно перевыполнил план по грузоперевозкам за первый квартал

AGPJ Railways offers loading and unloading services on international routes

Freight yards belonging to the 20th branch of AGPJ "Railways" perform their services by carrying out import, export, and cargo loading and unloading operations on international transport through the country. At present, Anev cargo yard, located in the territory of Ahal Velayat, creates various benefits for customers by unloading cargoes imported by rail, such as construction goods, fittings, tiles, putty products, and food cargoes, such as flour, vegetable oil.

In addition, at the Turkmenabat loading-unloading yard located in Lebap Province of the country, reinforcement and cement are brought from the Islamic Republic of Iran by rail, and these cargoes are transferred from wagons to cars and transited to Afghanistan. Currently, 20 wagons of 1,360 tons of rebar are transferred from wagons to cars, and it is planned to send approximately 5-10 thousand tons of products every month.

Turkmenistan, which is increasing its export capacity, is known in the world for exporting sulfur cargo to foreign countries, namely China and Morocco. The Sarahs loading-unloading yard of the 20th branch of the "Railways" AGPJ also makes a significant contribution to increasing the export volume. To date, Sarahs cargo yard has carried out loading and unloading of about 100 thousand tons of sulfur cargo and sent it to the port of Bender Abbas of the Islamic Republic of Iran.