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The city of Arkadag is the city of the future

The city of national importance Arkadag, which is based on the concept of "Smart City", combines breakthrough digital solutions, and the latest innovations in the field of communication technologies.

They were introduced by the Turkmenaragatnashyk Agency together with the State Committee for the Construction of the city of Arkadag.

Thus, the mobile operator "Altyn Asyr" has installed basic equipment operating according to 3G and 4G standards. This allows residents to use cellular services from anywhere in the city. In addition, Wi-Fi zones are provided in the parks and squares of Arkadag.

In the new city of Arkadag, 20 sets of base stations operating on the 3G and 4G Altyn Asyr cellular communication model were installed and put into operation, a GPON network for 20 thousand corporate and private subscribers and an IP television system for 235 TV channels with the possibility of additional expansion were installed. External fiber-optic communication networks are laid in three directions: two lines connect the city of Arkadag with Ashgabat and one - with the Gekdepe district.

GPON technology provides for the receipt of several communication services over one cable. Due to the high speed of the fiber, you can simultaneously watch high-definition TV channels, use the Internet at a speed of 1 gigabit, as well as telephone services. In other words, the number of connected devices does not affect network speed.

In the city, the Turkmenaragatnashyk Agency also introduced equipment that operates on the basis of the modern LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol. This technology has become widespread in recent years due to its ability to provide reliable communication between devices with low power consumption.

In "smart homes" ("Smart Home") "LoRaWAN" serves to monitor and control various devices, including lighting and heating. The technology allows homeowners to remotely control their devices and optimize energy consumption. equipment for monitoring consumption in a smart "home" of electricity, hot and cold water, and natural gas. On the streets of the city there is a round-the-clock "smart video surveillance", and "smart street lights" are installed, which regulate traffic jams using special software. The operation of car parks is also automated.

All local governments and communication structures of the city of Arkadag carry out their activities through electronic document management connected to the central office of the organization. For residents of the city, a hotline for help is available - 123 "Call center", launched by specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A “window” of the city of Arkadag has been created on the state portal of electronic services. Thus, residents can make real-time payments for utilities and communication services, buy tickets for public transport, make an appointment with a doctor, make an online purchase, etc. Moreover, the platforms "Electronic Library", "Electronic School" and "Talent" operate.