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The Ambassador of Turkmenistan met with the Executive Director of the Central Asia-China Secretariat

The Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan to the UN Office in Geneva met with the Director General of the RCC

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Туркменистан продвигает миротворческую стратегию

Глава Туркменистана поздравил Олега Кононенко с Днём космонавтики

Глава Халк Маслахаты Туркменистана поздравил космонавта Олега Кононенко

В Ашхабаде состоится возложение цветов к бюсту Гагарина в честь Дня космонавтики

On June 5, Hero of Turkmenistan Oleg Kononeko will become the first to stay in space for 1000 days

Морской торговый флот Туркменистана существенно перевыполнил план по грузоперевозкам за первый квартал

Logistics may be subject to bidding

Freight transportation services can become a commodity commodity. The St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange (SPIMEX) plans to put such a product up for auction. The head of the site, Igor Artemyev, stated this in an interview with RBC. He added that in addition to logistics, the exchange is also considering options for selling insurance and freight. We are talking about trade in logistics services and the formation of indices of such services, primarily through railways, Artemyev clarified. The idea has already been approved by the Central Bank.

“From the point of view of business and the opportunity to earn money, this is, of course, a very interesting story,” said Mikhail Burmistrov, head of the Infoline-Analytics company, in an interview with Kommersant. However, a number of nuances need to be taken into account. For example, standardization is necessary, including in determining the cost of transportation services.

– If we are talking about a standard product, say, transportation of containers on a train between two cities, it has a specific, understandable cost. Then there may be more complex stories, for example, some kind of matrix of the cost of delivering a specific lot of petroleum product volume to some points, roughly speaking, from an oil refinery to oil depots,” the expert explained.